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NPZ by Villette (VD) 10.07.2008 (For picture)

Date Jan de Vries 30.11.2009 21:11
I like this picture with the church, wine field and the lake (and of course the train...) very much, Stefan!
Date Jan

The heritage engine 1604 at the end of a special train is leaving the station of Lorentzweiler on April 20th, 2008. (For picture)

Date Jan de Vries 30.11.2009 21:07
Nice picture from this round nose, Hans & Jeanny!
Date Jan

This class 526 train is passing this beautyful dandeleon-meadow between Lengwil and Siegershausen. (April 2009) (For picture)

Date Jan de Vries 27.11.2009 18:02
A very nice picture with the nice yellow dandeleons in the front and the nice rail car in the back, Sylvan!
Date Jan

Silvan 30.11.2009 15:39
Thanks a lot!

375 916 in Eastbourne 28.03.2006 (For picture)

Silvan 29.11.2009 19:08
Looks nice!
Do you know if there are much of those old signals in the UK?
Greets Silvan

Stefan Wohlfahrt 30.11.2009 11:58
Hi Silvan,
in the last years the UK Networks was becom more sure and moderne and for this reason there is not a lot of old Semaphores to see there. I hope you can findet it in the next year.

My 500. pictures on Rail-pictures.com - and now I need a small break... RVT Flirt to Buttes in Auvernier in early morning. 28.11.2009 (For picture)

De Rond Hans und Jeanny 29.11.2009 13:07
Hi Stefan,
congratulations to your 500th picture on rail-pictures.com. We hope that the break will to take too long and that we will soon be able to enjoy more beautiful pictures from you.
Best regards.
Hans and Jeanny

Stefan Wohlfahrt 29.11.2009 18:41
Thanks and don't worry - there is at lot of pictures to wait to be on Rail-pictures.com.

Silvan 29.11.2009 19:07
A nice picture to be the 500th!
Unfortunately, my picture archive is not so big to upload hundrets of photos here.
Greets Silvan

Bernina Ospizio on the winter time 20.03.2009 (For picture)

De Rond Hans und Jeanny 27.11.2009 20:50
Nice picture of the RhB unit at Ospizio Bernina, Stefan.
We hope that the weather will be like this in three weeks and not as hazy as on the following picture. ;-)
Hans and Jeanny

Stefan Wohlfahrt 29.11.2009 18:44
I hope also.

ICE 401 078-1 "Bremerhaven" on 12.10.2008 near of Istein. (For picture)

Stefan Wohlfahrt 29.11.2009 18:43
Relay nice pictures from Istein.
Which time do you toked it?

Class 175 DMU near Heaton Chapel, 2006-08 (For picture)

Stefan Wohlfahrt 29.11.2009 8:28
Hi Thomas,
I think, that's is a Class 175 DMU.

The RhB Ge 4/4 II N 611 "LogIn" in Peist wiht a local train to Arosa. 03.03.2009 (For picture)

Marco van Galen 28.11.2009 22:24
Kein BLS aber ein RhB 4/4 II, hubscher bild !



Z 2011 pictured on the Bisserweg bridge at Luxembourg City on August 1st, 2009. In the backgorund you can see the junction of both tracks from Troisvierges and Wasserbillig. (For picture)

Stefan Wohlfahrt 22.11.2009 8:24
G r e a t!

De Rond Hans und Jeanny 27.11.2009 20:53
Thank you, Stefan.
Hans and Jeanny

SNCF BB 25 254 wiht TER from Lyon to Geneva in Russin. 05.08.2008 (For picture)

De Rond Hans und Jeanny 27.11.2009 20:39
Good evening Stefan,
a great picture of the beautiful SCNF engine in the "en voyage" design.

A local train to Troisvierges is crossing the Sre bridge near Michelau on October 26th, 2008. (For picture)

Date Jan de Vries 27.11.2009 17:57
Great picture with the railcar of the series 2000 on the bridge, Hans and Jeanny!
Greetings from the Netherlands,
Date Jan

De Rond Hans und Jeanny 27.11.2009 20:36
Thanks a lot for your nice comment, Date Jan.
Hans and Jeanny

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