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Bild-Kommentare von Thomas Wendt

The brand new Desiro (Class 350 245) of London Midland, replacing the existing Class 321 on the route London-Birmingham/Crewe, is on its way at Gent St Pieters (B) to the United Kingdom on February 27th, 2009. (For picture)

Thomas Wendt 23.4.2015 15:26
A lovely design!

A First Great Western Class 43 HST 125 by Dawlish. 12.05.2014 (For picture)

Thomas Wendt 23.4.2015 15:20
Breathtaking with the oldish modern train!

. 3004 is heading the IR 115 Liers - Luxembourg City in Michelau on October 15th, 2014. (For picture)

Thomas Wendt 15.10.2014 20:09
One of the first foto scenes that encouraged me becoming a trainspotter was a photo from this place. Very nice.

EMD G12 628 is parked out side the Kandy Running Shed till it is been assigned for the next service on 12th April 2012 (For picture)

Thomas Wendt 4.6.2013 9:21
Hi Dilantha,

finally you found the way how to save the categories :-) I look forward for more pictures from Sri Lanka.


DF4 2391 with a passenger train in Xi'an, 2007 (For picture)

Bin Shen 21.3.2013 17:03
This is also a DF4B locomotive; we, chinese railfans, call it orange.

Thomas Wendt 22.3.2013 11:51
Hi Bin Shen,

thanks for the info. So should I change my description to "DF4B 2391"?
It would be great if you have more pictures from China, I am very interested in this country.


The heritage tram N° 32 is arriving on its final destination Woltersdorf Schleuse on December 27th, 2012. (For picture)

Thomas Wendt 3.1.2013 21:37
It was a nice excursion - I like this photo.

De Rond Hans und Jeanny 6.1.2013 9:10
Hi Thomas,
we also enjoyed this unforgettable day in most pleasant company.
Hans and Jeanny

C30-7 1525 with an empty oil train leaves the port area over the big road bridge (For picture)

Stefan Wohlfahrt 16.6.2010 8:34
Hi, a really very nice picture!

Thomas Wendt 22.8.2012 11:42
Wonderful and powerful!

Perurail 752 & 756 on the final leg of their trip to Arequipa (For picture)

Thomas Wendt 30.3.2012 16:53
What a wonderful picture - is there any infrastructure for photographers? :-)

The Berlin Underground of the Baum School-Bridget. 15.06.2009 (For picture)

Thomas Wendt 17.2.2012 11:52
My favourite line in Berlin - thanks for the picture!

Heinz Hülsmann 7.6.2012 11:04
Hallo Thomas,
sehr schöne Brücke, das Foto gefällt mir sehr gut!
VG Heinz

SBB White-Train I: The ICN-Clown Train on the 06.10.2010 in Lausanne. (For picture)

Thomas Wendt 4.1.2012 10:53
A laughing train - I like this design.

Stefan Wohlfahrt 9.8.2014 12:43
Thanks, Thomas.

D832 "Onslaught" in Rawtenstall, 08/2006 (For picture)

Stefan Wohlfahrt 6.12.2009 10:27
The UK- V 200 ?

Stefan Wohlfahrt 6.12.2009 10:27
The UK- V 200 ?
(sorry for the double click)

Thomas Wendt 11.12.2009 18:31
Wikipedia says yes :-)


Five days after the restoration of full capacity through the Channel Tunnel, which was closed for six month due to an incident, the Eurostar unit 3011 (British Rail) arrives in Bruxelles Midi (B) coming from London St Pancras International on February 14th, 2009. (For picture)

Thomas Wendt 25.9.2009 12:29
Hi Hans and Jeanny,

very good photo! I like the "complicated" power system.


E18 047 on an exhibition in Berlin Schöneweide. (For picture)

Thomas Wendt 25.9.2009 12:07
Hello "Momentaufnahmen",

I think we need more pictures from many countries. More pictures - more visitors (from search engines). And we need links from english-speaking websites. It will take time.


Class 101 meets a Dispolok class 182 in Schönefeld, 2007. (For picture)

Thomas Wendt 31.8.2009 9:42
Thank you Tobias!

The "Buckower Kleinbahn" is a 750V-DC-train system in Ostbrandenburg near Berlin. Use the Oderlandbahn from Berlin Lichtenberg (about 45 minutes) to Müncheberg. Tickets are cheap, the track length is about 4 km. 2008-08 (For picture)

Thomas Wendt 12.4.2009 9:33
So what is it? ;)

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