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To Admin and users 2 questions

(Hans van der Sluis, 5.3.2010 14:08)

Hello Admin,

The catagory Netherlands/Wagons/ICR shows ( http://www.rail-pictures.com/name/gallery/Netherlands~Wagons~ICR.html ) photo number 157 as a boat. It gives the incorrect pictogram but the right enlarged photo. Funny. It would be nice if it could be changed in a correct way.

The second question is what to do with the catogory Netherlands/Stations/....... .
What do you think, admin and users, would be the best.

To fill this catogory per province/region or per city,town or place.


Or :

At this moment we've both at RAIL-Pictures.com. This could be also an option.

This question could also be asked for other countries.

Kind regards from Holland,


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Review order:
   To Admin and users 2 questions Hans van der Sluis 5.3.2010 14:08
      Re: To Admin and users 2 questions De Rond Hans und Jeanny 7.3.2010 10:17
         Re: To Admin and users 2 questions Hans van der Sluis 9.3.2010 22:13

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