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Bild-Kommentare von Hans van der Sluis

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TXL 189 280 with a freighttrain track 6 Amsterdam Centraal Station 02-10-2013. (For picture)

Hans van der Sluis 27.6.2014 20:25
Hello Leon,

Thank you for liking my photo.
I do know this locomotive is not a TRAXX and with TXL I mean TX Logistik.
May be some nice sites for you and perhaps others:


Kind regards,


EMU (class hondekop "dog's head") arriving at Maastricht on 4 April 2012. (For picture)

Olivier de Urs 27.7.2012 12:09
No this is a monkeyhead, doghead is mat. '54

Hans van der Sluis 27.7.2012 21:43
Dog or monkey, still a good shot. In the south and near Zwolle in the north of the Netherlands these EMU's can still be seen.



The IC "Saphire" is leaving Brussels and this give me the possibility to take a picture from a part of the AM 75. (Summer 1985/Scanned negative) (For picture)

Hans van der Sluis 4.7.2011 21:47
Nice detail is also the porter on the platform next to the AM75 unit.



The SNCB NMBS AM 75 828 in Oostende. (Summer 1985/Scanned negative) (For picture)

Hans van der Sluis 4.7.2011 21:41
Hello Stefan,

Thank you for scanning these older negatives. My compliments for your great collection of (older) trainpictures. Pictures like these will surely make Rail-pictures.com more attractive.


A diesel engine in Nice (CP Station) (Summer 1985/scanned negative) (For picture)

Hans van der Sluis 4.7.2011 21:34
A very nice exotic engine.

Kind regards,


Wagon Typ Res 686 number 31 80 3936 210-4 in Rotterdam CS 11-08-2010. (For picture)

Hans van der Sluis 23.9.2010 15:20

SNCF BB 663596 at Strasbourg, 18.03.2010. (For picture)

Hans van der Sluis 11.6.2010 11:48
A nice serie French locomotives.

Thank you for showing us, Gilbert.

SD70MAC with Burlington Northern paint are about to roll thru the Main Street crossing in Burlington, Iowa on 9 Apr 2005. The photographer turned 47 on this day. (For picture)

Hans van der Sluis 27.2.2010 22:26

Amtrak mail cars. No longer used. 30 July 2003. (For picture)

Hans van der Sluis 27.2.2010 14:27
Hello Brent,

I'm sure everyone here on RAIL-pictures.com is happy to watch your photos. We're hoping for more photos from you and maybe other railroadfans in the States.
It will make the site more divers.
Thanks for joining us!

Kind regards from Holland,


Mine 1000. picture by rail-pictures.com is mine first picture by BB.de. CEV BDeh 2/4 N° 73 in Blonay. 01.03.2006 (For picture)

De Rond Hans und Jeanny 26.2.2010 21:37
Congratulations to 1.000 pictures on this site, Stefan.
This picture is a very fine one, as well as 1st or 1.000th, it's just beautiful.
Hans and Jeanny

Hans van der Sluis 27.2.2010 14:17
Dear Stefan,

Congratulations with your 1.000st photo on RAIL-Pictures.com.
Your photos are a great contribution to the site.

Kind regards from Holland,


Stefan Wohlfahrt 2.3.2010 20:01
Thanks for all comments for this picture.

Greetings Stefan

A small diesel locomotive in Ljubljana. If anybody know the correct Class - thanks for help. 03.05.2001 (analog photo) (For picture)

Hans van der Sluis 14.2.2010 12:34
Hello Strefan,

It's a class 732 shunter.

Nice photos from Ljubljana.

Kind regards,


Sprinter entering Utrecht central station in the snow on 17-12-2009. (For picture)

Stefan Wohlfahrt 27.12.2009 7:29
Hi Hans,
maybe on the first lock a simple pictures, but I can always see a longtime of this beautiful photo and i find always new details - very nice!

Hans van der Sluis 29.12.2009 8:40
Thankx Stefan.



Montafonerbahn ET 10.109 makes the local service from Feldkirch to Buchs. 12.01.2007 (For picture)

Hans van der Sluis 4.11.2009 9:37
Picture number 2000 on Rail-pictures.com!




Stefan Wohlfahrt 4.11.2009 15:24
Hi Hans
I don't to remark that - Thank you for congratulations!

Three units Plan V mat '64 entering Utrecht central station 20-10-2009. (For picture)

De Rond Hans und Jeanny 24.10.2009 17:27
Hi Hans,
nice picture of the triple unit Plan V and the organized "chaos" of the catenary system at Utrecht.

Hans van der Sluis 25.10.2009 11:35
Thank you, Hans for your nice comment.

Kind regards,

Southside of Station Den Haag Hollands Spoor 29-11-2008. (For picture)

Stefan Wohlfahrt 17.10.2009 6:51
Very beautiful old fashon-Station, Hans.
Best Regards

Hans van der Sluis 20.10.2009 11:04
Thank you Stefan,

The station was build between 1888 and 1893. The tower at the background is ofcourse not part of the station.



Di3 625 in Trondheim 22-04-1993. (For picture)

Date Jan de Vries 17.10.2009 20:15
Nice picture from the Norwegian NOHAB, Hans. In 2000, when I was in Trondheim, the NOHAB's were still active and I had my last chance to take pictures of this beautiful machines.
Greetings from the Netherlands,
Date Jan

Hans van der Sluis 20.10.2009 10:50
Thank you for your nice comment, Date Jan.

Kind regards,

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