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Kommentare zu Bildern von Hans van der Sluis

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TXL 189 280 with a freighttrain track 6 Amsterdam Centraal Station 02-10-2013. (For picture)

Hans van der Sluis 27.6.2014 20:25
Hello Leon,

Thank you for liking my photo.
I do know this locomotive is not a TRAXX and with TXL I mean TX Logistik.
May be some nice sites for you and perhaps others:


Kind regards,


In Amsterdam centraal station a hotel has been build over track 2, 3 and 4. Under the hotel ICE unit 4604. Picure taken on 03-02-2011. (For picture)

Stefan Wohlfahrt 13.7.2011 17:48
...with best possibilities to take a railway-picture from the room!

Wagon Typ Res 686 number 31 80 3936 210-4 in Rotterdam CS 11-08-2010. (For picture)

Hans van der Sluis 23.9.2010 15:20

Sprinter entering Utrecht central station in the snow on 17-12-2009. (For picture)

Stefan Wohlfahrt 27.12.2009 7:29
Hi Hans,
maybe on the first lock a simple pictures, but I can always see a longtime of this beautiful photo and i find always new details - very nice!

Hans van der Sluis 29.12.2009 8:40
Thankx Stefan.



MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HEALTHY HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the users and viewers on Rail-Pictures.com. (For picture)

Stefan Wohlfahrt 20.12.2009 20:03
Thanks Hans, and also we wish you a good time and say thanks for your pictures in this site.
Stefan and Christine

A Regiorunner crossing a channel in Leiden 22-04-2007. (For picture)

Date Jan de Vries 17.11.2009 16:32
A very nice and typical Dutch picture from the provincie of South Holland, Hans!
Greetings from the North,
Date Jan

Three units Plan V mat '64 entering Utrecht central station 20-10-2009. (For picture)

De Rond Hans und Jeanny 24.10.2009 17:27
Hi Hans,
nice picture of the triple unit Plan V and the organized "chaos" of the catenary system at Utrecht.

Hans van der Sluis 25.10.2009 11:35
Thank you, Hans for your nice comment.

Kind regards,

Southside of Station Den Haag Hollands Spoor 29-11-2008. (For picture)

Stefan Wohlfahrt 17.10.2009 6:51
Very beautiful old fashon-Station, Hans.
Best Regards

Hans van der Sluis 20.10.2009 11:04
Thank you Stefan,

The station was build between 1888 and 1893. The tower at the background is ofcourse not part of the station.



Di3 625 in Trondheim 22-04-1993. (For picture)

Date Jan de Vries 17.10.2009 20:15
Nice picture from the Norwegian NOHAB, Hans. In 2000, when I was in Trondheim, the NOHAB's were still active and I had my last chance to take pictures of this beautiful machines.
Greetings from the Netherlands,
Date Jan

Hans van der Sluis 20.10.2009 10:50
Thank you for your nice comment, Date Jan.

Kind regards,

Shunter 333-042-0 pulls some freightcars. These types of freightcars are not so common any more. Photo taken in Rheine (Westfalen) 04-08-1992. (For picture)

Date Jan de Vries 8.10.2009 16:32
Hello Hans,
Nice picture of this little Köf. Two questions:
Was this freight train coming from the freight track Coesfeld-Rheine or Gronau-Rheine?
Is this Köf of the class 332? I don't think it's a 323.
Greetings from Holland,
Date Jan

Hans van der Sluis 9.10.2009 22:57
Hello Date Jan,

You are very right. It isn't a class 323. It's a class 333. The 333 shunterlocomotive was as far as I can remember just shunting on some tracks on the southside (direction of Münster) at the railwaystation of Rheine and not coming from Coesfeld or Gronau. As I searched on the (google)map I also could not find a direct railwayline from Coesfeld or Gronau to Rheine.

Kind regards from Holland to Friesland,


Giant locomotive 1230/1244/1229 in Narvik (Norway) 21-04-1993. (For picture)

Gilbert Angermann 8.10.2009 4:01
Hi Hans!

If You are interested for Your missing number, You can look at this site. It´s all about swedish railway.


Bye Gilbert

Hans van der Sluis 8.10.2009 10:53
Thank you for the link Gilbert!

I also found on the site the name of this locomotive, but I'm not sure if the locomotives had allready names at the time that I took this photo.

Thank you again.



Gilbert Angermann 8.10.2009 12:51
Hi Hans!

At this picture is very difficult to say, if this engines has a name, because the name comes after changing from SJ to LKAB. Here You have the older SJ version. The engine changes during the 90´s. Then they get the blue-grey coloure and the name. So I thing brown is without a name.



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