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Kommentare zu Bildern von Stefan Wohlfahrt

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The ASD local train 429 in the vineyards over Aigle. 23.02.2019 (For picture)

De Rond Hans und Jeanny 8.3.2019 8:07
An impressive picture.
Best regards

The "Train des Vignes" by Chexbres. 29.05.2011 (For picture)

Armin Schwarz 11.8.2011 8:36
Hi Stefan
It is very nice.
Greeting Armin

Stefan Wohlfahrt 7.11.2018 17:36
Thanks, Armin.
Greeting Stefan

A First Great Western Class 43 HST 125 by Dawlish. 12.05.2014 (For picture)

Thomas Wendt 23.4.2015 15:20
Breathtaking with the oldish modern train!

WAB local Train between The Kleine Scheidegg and Wengerneralp 09.10.2014 (For picture)

Peter Ackermann 21.4.2015 21:11
A lovely play of light and shade! An impressive picture. Peter

SBB White-Train I: The ICN-Clown Train on the 06.10.2010 in Lausanne. (For picture)

Thomas Wendt 4.1.2012 10:53
A laughing train - I like this design.

Stefan Wohlfahrt 9.8.2014 12:43
Thanks, Thomas.

The E 655 456 is arriving in the border station Domodossola for this reason the Phantograph is down. 27.07.2009 (photo corrected by Heinz Stoll) (For picture)

Stefan Wohlfahrt 26.5.2014 14:06
Thanks, Leon.

View over the Lavaux and the Lac of Genevay by Cully. 08.05.2014 (For picture)

De Rond Hans und Jeanny 9.5.2014 10:41
What an amazing shot, Stefan.
Kind regards

A SSIF ABe 4/6 on die Ri Graglia Bridge by Trontano. 15.04.2014 (For picture)

De Rond Hans und Jeanny 23.4.2014 12:39
Just breath taking, Stefan.

A BLS Re 4/4 wiht an "Goldenpass" RE by Faulensee. 27.08.2012 (For picture)

De Rond Hans und Jeanny 14.4.2014 13:46
What a splendid lighting and composition.

The BLS Re 4/4 193 "Grenchen" with the BLS Goldenpass RE 3118 from (Montreux) - Zweisimmen - Interlaken - (Luzern) near Weissenburg. 05.12.2013 (For picture)

De Rond Hans und Jeanny 14.4.2014 13:41
Just a splendid picutre from this nice photo spot.
Best regards

The "Train des Etoiles / Star Train" is arriving at Blonay. 12.04.2014 (For picture)

De Rond Hans und Jeanny 14.4.2014 13:38
Hi Stefan,
a very interesting overview on the nice station of Blonay.

CEV GTW Be 2/6 near Châteeu d'Hauteville. 09.4.2014 (For picture)

De Rond Hans und Jeanny 10.4.2014 10:08
A marvellous capture of the small train in the splendid landscape.
Best regards

View on the Castle of Aigle an a small ASD Train on the way to Les Diablerets. 22.08.2013 (For picture)

De Rond Hans und Jeanny 8.4.2014 11:58
Words fail me...
Thank you for posting this great capture.

SBB Re 460 with an IR by St Saphorin. 08.02.2012 (For picture)

De Rond Hans und Jeanny 8.4.2014 11:54
A lot of mood, just a marvellous composition.
Best regards

Centovalli-Express 43 Domodossola - Locarno by Intragnas. 22. 05. 2013 (For picture)

De Rond Hans und Jeanny 8.4.2014 11:52
Just breath taking, thanks for sharing this photo.

The Gornergrat Summit Station (3089 meter over sea level). 27.02.2014 (For picture)

De Rond Hans und Jeanny 8.4.2014 11:51
I would frame it and hang on the wall...
Best regards

MVR GTW by "Le Châtelard". 04.04.2014 (For picture)

De Rond Hans und Jeanny 8.4.2014 11:48
Splendid composition.

A RABe 511 near St Saphorain. 06.04.2014 (For picture)

De Rond Hans und Jeanny 8.4.2014 9:45
A great shot of spring time in St Saphorin.
Best regards

An Jungfraubahn-train on the way to the Jungfraujoch between Kleine Scheidegg and Eigergletscher. 21.08.2013 (For picture)

Date Jan de Vries 28.8.2013 9:52
Wonderful shot!
Date Jan

Stefan Wohlfahrt 4.4.2014 9:13
Thanks, Date Jan.

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