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Kommentare zu Bildern von Stefan Wohlfahrt

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The CEV MVR ABeh 2/6 7505 is Les Avants on the way to Montreux. As you can see, the snowfall limit is only slightly above Les Avants. Jan 6, 2024 (For picture)

De Rond Hans und Jeanny 1.4.2024 8:10
Hallo Stefan,
Very appealing picture with the winter landscape in the background, I like it very much.
a lovely greeting

When there is little favorable light in Zurich HB early in the morning, the EC 10315 is deployed to Milano Centrale. The train consists of two SBB RABe 501 "Giruno". October 19, 2023 (For picture)

De Rond Hans und Jeanny 20.10.2023 18:13
Hello Stefan,
I really like this picture of the multiple unit entering Zurich main station over the switches.

The ASD local train 429 in the vineyards over Aigle. 23.02.2019 (For picture)

De Rond Hans und Jeanny 8.3.2019 8:07
An impressive picture.
Best regards

The "Train des Vignes" by Chexbres. 29.05.2011 (For picture)

Armin Schwarz 11.8.2011 8:36
Hi Stefan
It is very nice.
Greeting Armin

Stefan Wohlfahrt 7.11.2018 17:36
Thanks, Armin.
Greeting Stefan

A First Great Western Class 43 HST 125 by Dawlish. 12.05.2014 (For picture)

Thomas Wendt 23.4.2015 15:20
Breathtaking with the oldish modern train!

WAB local Train between The Kleine Scheidegg and Wengerneralp 09.10.2014 (For picture)

Peter Ackermann 21.4.2015 21:11
A lovely play of light and shade! An impressive picture. Peter

SBB White-Train I: The ICN-Clown Train on the 06.10.2010 in Lausanne. (For picture)

Thomas Wendt 4.1.2012 10:53
A laughing train - I like this design.

Stefan Wohlfahrt 9.8.2014 12:43
Thanks, Thomas.

The E 655 456 is arriving in the border station Domodossola for this reason the Phantograph is down. 27.07.2009 (photo corrected by Heinz Stoll) (For picture)

Stefan Wohlfahrt 26.5.2014 14:06
Thanks, Leon.

View over the Lavaux and the Lac of Genevay by Cully. 08.05.2014 (For picture)

De Rond Hans und Jeanny 9.5.2014 10:41
What an amazing shot, Stefan.
Kind regards

A SSIF ABe 4/6 on die Ri Graglia Bridge by Trontano. 15.04.2014 (For picture)

De Rond Hans und Jeanny 23.4.2014 12:39
Just breath taking, Stefan.

A BLS Re 4/4 wiht an "Goldenpass" RE by Faulensee. 27.08.2012 (For picture)

De Rond Hans und Jeanny 14.4.2014 13:46
What a splendid lighting and composition.

The BLS Re 4/4 193 "Grenchen" with the BLS Goldenpass RE 3118 from (Montreux) - Zweisimmen - Interlaken - (Luzern) near Weissenburg. 05.12.2013 (For picture)

De Rond Hans und Jeanny 14.4.2014 13:41
Just a splendid picutre from this nice photo spot.
Best regards

The "Train des Etoiles / Star Train" is arriving at Blonay. 12.04.2014 (For picture)

De Rond Hans und Jeanny 14.4.2014 13:38
Hi Stefan,
a very interesting overview on the nice station of Blonay.

CEV GTW Be 2/6 near Châteeu d'Hauteville. 09.4.2014 (For picture)

De Rond Hans und Jeanny 10.4.2014 10:08
A marvellous capture of the small train in the splendid landscape.
Best regards

View on the Castle of Aigle an a small ASD Train on the way to Les Diablerets. 22.08.2013 (For picture)

De Rond Hans und Jeanny 8.4.2014 11:58
Words fail me...
Thank you for posting this great capture.

SBB Re 460 with an IR by St Saphorin. 08.02.2012 (For picture)

De Rond Hans und Jeanny 8.4.2014 11:54
A lot of mood, just a marvellous composition.
Best regards

Centovalli-Express 43 Domodossola - Locarno by Intragnas. 22. 05. 2013 (For picture)

De Rond Hans und Jeanny 8.4.2014 11:52
Just breath taking, thanks for sharing this photo.

The Gornergrat Summit Station (3089 meter over sea level). 27.02.2014 (For picture)

De Rond Hans und Jeanny 8.4.2014 11:51
I would frame it and hang on the wall...
Best regards

MVR GTW by "Le Châtelard". 04.04.2014 (For picture)

De Rond Hans und Jeanny 8.4.2014 11:48
Splendid composition.

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