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Kommentare zu Bildern von Gilbert Angermann

SNCF BB 663596 at Strasbourg, 18.03.2010. (For picture)

Hans van der Sluis 11.6.2010 11:48
A nice serie French locomotives.

Thank you for showing us, Gilbert.

Line 21 towards Handschuhsheim with OEG 107 (GT8 DUEWAG) on 13.07.2009 in front of Heidelberg main station. (For picture)

Daniel Wottringer 7.2.2010 18:00
hi gilbert,

the name of this tramline is not "S21" - the right name is only "21"


Stefan Wohlfahrt 7.2.2010 19:29
Hi Daniel,
I hope that we can see in the future pictures from you here.

Daniel Wottringer 8.2.2010 21:44
Hi Stefan,

as you can see i uploaded my first pictures here :)


Gilbert Angermann 7.3.2010 15:04
Hi Daniel!

Thank You for Your hint. I changed it. Gilbert

ICE 401 078-1 "Bremerhaven" on 12.10.2008 near of Istein. (For picture)

Stefan Wohlfahrt 29.11.2009 18:43
Relay nice pictures from Istein.
Which time do you toked it?

CP SD40-2 5745 on 3.10.2009 at Windsor. (For picture)

Date Jan de Vries 8.10.2009 16:29
A nice contrast between the locomotive (in the sunlight) and the dark sky. Beautiful picture, Gilbert!
Date Jan

Gilbert Angermann 9.10.2009 17:57
Thank You Date Jan!
The weather was not amused this weekend. This was the last half hour for sun at this sunday. Before and after that there was always thunderstorms.

Bye Gilbert

DB 103 184-8 with an nostalgic train on 12.10.2008 near of Istein. (For picture)

Philipp 19.9.2009 20:26
Hello Gilbert!
Nice photo, would be even better if you had let the train coming nearer. Impressive photo though!


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